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Art Lessons

Malachi requested Natalie give him art lessons. Natalie requested I give her room a makeover this summer. I requested Natalie give Malachi art lessons to help pay for the makeover. Natalie happily obliged. Win-win-win! These pictures are from their first lesson… they’ve since had 3 more. It is the sweetest! (And, Natalie’s room is looking good, too!)



I took a couple pictures then put my phone away for the night. This was not an event to photograph, but rather to worship… and it was incredible! If you have an opportunity to go to one of Sean Feucht’s Let Us Worship events, I would say GO!

The first event took place on the Golden Gate Bridge in the middle of a Pandemic… but thousands showed up, and thousands continue to show up!

When I heard Sean was coming to Kalispell, I marked my calendar and determined that I would be there. Many factors seemed to make it difficult, including the fact that Daniel was in the middle of suffering from COVID pneumonia. But somehow, by God’s grace, Natalie and I made it and worshipped and prayed and received from the Lord!

Praise God for bold leaders who are not afraid to gather and worship in these crazy times!

Summer Lovin’

Today feels like a chilly fall morning. I wore long sleeves on my run and may be on my third cup of coffee just for the coziness! I thought this would be a good time to throw together a bunch of random pictures taken over the last few weeks. It has been a fun summer!

And, for those of you wondering…. my kids do still fuss and complain that they’re “bored,”even while living in this glorious place we call Montana! (Thankfully, not as often!)

Cut Too Short

One week instead of two… not what we expected! But, grateful for the time we had. Day 2 of the parent visit: exploring the yard and neighborhood. Then dinner at Mudman as we took Allison to work.

The boys took pictures “wearing” Grandma’s hair while waiting for food! Ha!

Day 3: A visit to Columbia Falls for Montana Coffee Trader’s and the annual yard sale at Station 8. A fun lady’s morning with my mom and aunts before picking Sierra up from camp then picking Daniel up from the airport. (Never expected to hit a deer that night or bring home a husband who was feeling sick with what would turn out to be covid pneumonia!)

Day 5: Church, then painting time with Grandma!

Day 6: We met my Mom’s brothers and my Dad’s sisters for a day at the lake.

Day 7: No pictures. Poor Mom wasn’t feeling well. The second covid test, which came after the second trip to the ER, confirmed that Daniel had covid pneumonia. Mom and Dad bought tickets and flew home early.

They Made It!

After a year and a half and over a 1,200 mile move across country, my parents finally made it to visit us in our new home! Malachi and Natalie spent the day preparing by cutting cherries and helping me clean.

Finally, they arrived for dinner along with aunt Mary, aunt Carol, and uncle Gary.

Lingering over pie and catching up along with giving a tour of the house… we’re so glad they finally made it!

Summer Camp

It just so happens that my date month with Sierra was the month of July, so we decided to go to Mod pizza, (her favorite), and then to Target to do a little shopping for her first week-long summer camp that was happening the next day. Unbeknownst to her, I had gone to Target the day before to put together a care package, and I had Natalie design a custom sticker for it.

One week is a long time to be gone from home! I was so ready to pick her up today, and was thrilled to hear all about her wonderful adventures. It is always a relief to pick up a happy, healthy, (though very tired), kid!

The theme was “In Christ…” May you always seek to be in Christ, my sweet girl! So happy to have you home!

Cherries and Berries… and Rhubarb!

I am so thankful for sweet friends who share meals as well as their bounty! This week, we went to dinner at a friends’ place and gladly brought our cooler to fill with cherries. Summer is complete in Montana once you’ve had Flathead Cherries! She has both eating as well as pie cherries. (Isn’t her property gorgeous!?)

Another friend had us over for biking and dinner… and we ended up being invited to pick raspberries at her neighbor’s house. It was such a fun week! Warm, fresh raspberries off the bush are hard to resist. I’m surprised we made it home with a container!

They recently completed their mountain bike trail at their house, so Malachi was excited to test it out.

Finally, our neighbor had us come pick the last of his rhubarb this week. With Grandpa and Grandma coming tonight, this afternoon is going to be busy with pie making!!! My sweet boy offered to help me cut, so we had a lovely before bed date chopping rhubarb!

The Stratton Visit

Short but sweet. After lots of texts and working through schedules, our friends made a way to come see us on their way to a wedding in Washington. I felt so blessed! They arrived the afternoon our other friends left, and we enjoyed some fish tacos and lots of catching up!

Boba loves when friends bring their dogs! She and Maverick had a blast exploring the yard!

The one full day we had together, we headed to Tally Lake, (the deepest lake in all of Montana).

Jeff helping Malachi fix his bike. Funny story. Malachi wanted to demonstrate his bike skills for Jeff while going down the path. Jeff was recording the whole thing. Malachi was jumping higher and biking faster than I have ever seen. He went to the last jump with some extreme speed and tried to do a trick in the air. Unfortunately, upon landing on the already broken bridge, he didn’t quite come out of his trick and the bridge broke even further. Malachi tumbled to the other side, and all we could see was his wheel spinning in the air. As the 3 of us went running down the hill yelling for Malachi to tell us if he was ok, all we could hear was silence.

We got to the jump, and I was ready to see a bloody or passed out boy on the other side. Al of a sudden, Malachi stood up and yells, “Did you see THAT?!?!? I got so much air! That was AWESOME!”

We laughed so hard…

I introduced my friends to the joys of huckleberry cider, and we enjoyed a cool Montana evening outside. So thankful for such wonderful friends!