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Once upon a time, two sisters went for a walk. Meanwhile, their mom went to the grocery store for a few items. While driving home from the grocery store, the mom spotted her girls in the distance and drove closer to see if it was really them. She was concerned because the girls were walking on opposite sides of the street; A on one side with the dog, and N on the other with something in her arms…

The mom’s heart sank… what was N holding? As she approached the girls, she rolled down the window to ask if everything was ok.

“Mom, we found a kitten!” exclaimed N.

“Oh no,” thought mom. “Tomorrow I am going out of town. Not to mention, we already have 2 cats and a dog still recovering from the trauma of a 3 day drive from California!”

But then the mom saw the kitten.

“It’s name is Frappucino!”

“It already has a name,” thought the mom. “I am doomed.”

N hopped in the car with the kitten, and A walked the dog home. The 2 of them drove around to ask if the kitten belonged to anyone. No luck. And so, they took the kitty home.

The next day, the mom had her daughter S and their great aunt, who would be watching them while their mom was out of town, go to the shelter and turn the kitty in. That way, it could be looked over, fixed, given shots, and they could adopt it once the mom returned home.

A few days later, the mom returned home, and the two older girls wanted to go for another walk. “Of course,” responded the mom. 45 minutes passed, and the girls came running home.

“We found another kitten… in the exact same spot!”

“You have got to be ‘kitten’ me!” thought the mom.

The second kitty was equally adorable, but more playful. It was also brought to the shelter to get checked out. Now a decision had to be made… which one would they adopt?

Sadly, it turned out Frappucino was a very sick kitty and died. And so, they adopted Ember:

Ember is super playful, but also very sweet and cuddly. The dog and one cat, Angel, have accepted this little turkey, despite the scratch on Boba’s nose and the constant chasing of Angel’s tail. Midnight is still not so sure about the newcomer, but seems to have begrudgingly have accepted him.

I am happy to report, Ember has won over the heart of the mom , who was not wanting to adopt a third cat. In fact, the kitten is on the mom’s desk as she is typing, sniffing her coffee and swiping at her plants.

The moral of the story is: Never let your girls walk together alone. Now they have to go with a chaperone so they no longer find kittens. And, here he is:


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I love the color orange, summer fruit, crisp fall evenings, snow-covered mountains, and spring flowers. I LOVE my Jesus, my family, and my home... all things craft-related, cooking, and creating make me smile. You can often find me coloring on my walls with chalk, waltzing through Trader Joe's looking for the monkey with my little ones, dancing through our house to blasting worship music, or blogging while sipping coffee.

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