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Family Hike 1 (Herron Park)

I can’t wait until I’m typing “Family Hike 100.” With all the beauty surrounding us, that could come sooner than later!

We heard of this park from some people at the mattress store, and saw signs for it, as well. I decided to try it for our first hike because it was fairly close to our house. It also turned out to be a fairly simple hike, which was great. Xavi ran most of the way, and only complained the first few steps out of the car… silly boy!

Chipmunks… bugs… butterflies… and deer! Not to mention rocks, wildflowers, trees, a beautiful sky… Oh, and cute kids. 🙂 It’s going to be hard not to take a million pictures on every hike we go on!

Honestly, this is how I pictured our lives in Montana. Through this screen, you can’t hear the argument of which trail to take or who gets to lead… I will admit, I was discouraged at first. But, it didn’t take long for us to find our groove and get excited about God’s creation surrounding us. Looking forward to exploring more and more and more of this incredible place!


Published by livintheyehlife

I love the color orange, summer fruit, crisp fall evenings, snow-covered mountains, and spring flowers. I LOVE my Jesus, my family, and my home... all things craft-related, cooking, and creating make me smile. You can often find me coloring on my walls with chalk, waltzing through Trader Joe's looking for the monkey with my little ones, dancing through our house to blasting worship music, or blogging while sipping coffee.

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