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Girl Time

As much as we love a good hike or a cool dive in the lake, it’s also been fun to do a little exploring downtown. Coming from a city of endless strip malls and apartment buildings, having a “real” downtown is quite exciting! As I was driving home one day, I spotted this quaint bookstore just off of Main Street, and knew it would make the perfect girl date for the girls and me.

The next day, we drove around town looking for said bookstore. I couldn’t find it; ha! After a few detours around the block, we finally came to our destination, but had to walk across the street for coffee, first. As we were waiting for our drinks, the barista asked what our plans were for the day. When I told her we were headed to the used book store, she got excited and gave us some advice.

“The owner has been there for 40 years. Make sure to laugh at his jokes, and he will give you a discount. Oh, and here…” (She handed us his favorite coffee drink.) “Give this to him and he may give you an even bigger discount!”

We walked in and I delivered the drink. Allison and Natalie were giddy over all the books. Sierra managed to find a couple horse books, as well. We finished our drinks and got ready to leave. Sure enough, we got quite the deal. Eleven books for $22! (Did I mention there is no sales tax in Montana?) This will definitely be a favorite place to return to!

It’s been sweet having a lot of intentional girl time. We have had countless walks, breakfasts on the deck, games of Rummikub and Scattergories, and we finally taught Sierra how to play Canasta so we could have canasta dates. The boys both have neighbor friends they play with daily. (More on that to come!) And, the girls are starting to meet friends at church and youth group. But, I plan to enjoy as much girl time as I can while I have it!!


Published by livintheyehlife

I love the color orange, summer fruit, crisp fall evenings, snow-covered mountains, and spring flowers. I LOVE my Jesus, my family, and my home... all things craft-related, cooking, and creating make me smile. You can often find me coloring on my walls with chalk, waltzing through Trader Joe's looking for the monkey with my little ones, dancing through our house to blasting worship music, or blogging while sipping coffee.

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