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Sweet 16!

My baby turned 16! For her birthday breakfast, we went to a local breakfast favorite; Sykes Diner. I had talked up their cinnamon rolls since we moved here, but this was the kids’ first time going. We ordered their last 2 cinnamon rolls, along with lots of other yummy food. It was a great start to the day!

That afternoon, Allison and I had a date. We went to the craft store, the make-up store, and out to get milkshakes, which we enjoyed while walking around downtown. It is a rare treat to get one-on-one time with my girl!

Finally, we picked up Daniel from the airport so he was able to join us for dinner. After dinner, I was all about party planning for her celebration with friends the next day. Up next: Her Amazing Race party!


Published by livintheyehlife

I love the color orange, summer fruit, crisp fall evenings, snow-covered mountains, and spring flowers. I LOVE my Jesus, my family, and my home... all things craft-related, cooking, and creating make me smile. You can often find me coloring on my walls with chalk, waltzing through Trader Joe's looking for the monkey with my little ones, dancing through our house to blasting worship music, or blogging while sipping coffee.

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