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Tuesdays at the Beach

Tuesdays at the beach. It’s a “thing.” I love “things!” These pictures were from several weeks ago, but you can be sure we will be back today. Every Tuesday our homeschool group gathers to let moms chat and kids play. The temperature is supposed to reach 100 today! I guess I must have brought a little SoCal with me to Montana.

Stay cool, friends!!


Published by livintheyehlife

I love the color orange, summer fruit, crisp fall evenings, snow-covered mountains, and spring flowers. I LOVE my Jesus, my family, and my home... all things craft-related, cooking, and creating make me smile. You can often find me coloring on my walls with chalk, waltzing through Trader Joe's looking for the monkey with my little ones, dancing through our house to blasting worship music, or blogging while sipping coffee.

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