Art Lessons

Malachi requested Natalie give him art lessons. Natalie requested I give her room a makeover this summer. I requested Natalie give Malachi art lessons to help pay for the makeover. Natalie happily obliged. Win-win-win! These pictures are from their first lesson… they’ve since had 3 more. It is the sweetest! (And, Natalie’s room is lookingContinue reading “Art Lessons”

Cherries and Berries… and Rhubarb!

I am so thankful for sweet friends who share meals as well as their bounty! This week, we went to dinner at a friends’ place and gladly brought our cooler to fill with cherries. Summer is complete in Montana once you’ve had Flathead Cherries! She has both eating as well as pie cherries. (Isn’t herContinue reading “Cherries and Berries… and Rhubarb!”

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